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Babelbox Packer build

This repository provides build configuration and Debian installer preseed files for building Babelbox virtual machine images for QEMU/KVM and VirtualBox using HashiCorp Packer.

Building the VM images

The images need to be built in separate steps because VirtualBox and KVM cannot reserve the needed CPU extension (VT-x, AMD-V) at the same time.

packer build --only=qemu debian-babelbox.json
packer build --only=virtualbox-iso debian-babelbox.json

Preparing for Babelbox demo

Due to image size reasons we do not include a Debian DVD ISO image into the image. Therefore the VMs have to be booted into the regular OS (first Grub menu option). Login as user demo with password babelbox and download a Debian DVD ISO image into /srv/:

cd /srv
sudo wget

The version might be different but 10.3.0 has been used for my tests.