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# Babelbox Packer build
This repository provides build configuration and Debian installer preseed files
for building [Babelbox](
virtual machine images for QEMU/KVM and VirtualBox using [HashiCorp
## Building the VM images
The images need to be built in separate steps because VirtualBox and KVM cannot
reserve the needed CPU extension (VT-x, AMD-V) at the same time.
packer build --only=qemu debian-babelbox.json
packer build --only=virtualbox-iso debian-babelbox.json
## Preparing for Babelbox demo
Due to image size reasons we do not include a Debian DVD ISO image into the
image. Therefore the VMs have to be booted into the regular OS (first Grub menu
option). Login as user `demo` with password `babelbox` and download a Debian
DVD ISO image into `/srv/`:
cd /srv
sudo wget
The version might be different but 10.3.0 has been used for my tests.