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.. index:: installation
Working Environment
To get a running work environment use `pipenv`_.
.. _pipenv: https://pipenv.kennethreitz.org/en/latest/
To get started install `pip` and `pipenv` and use `pipenv install --dev`:
.. code-block:: sh
$ apt install python3-pip
$ python3 -m pip install --user -U pipenv
$ pipenv install --dev
.. index:: celery, worker, file queue
Running the Celery worker
gvafile uses the `Celery`_ distributed task queue system. The gvafile logic is
executed by a celery worker. After all dependencies are installed you can go
into the gvafile directory and run the celery worker with:
.. code-block:: sh
$ cd gvafile
$ pipenv run celery -A filerservertasks worker -Q web -l info
.. _Celery: http://www.celeryproject.org/