The Debian Member Portfolio Service
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2020-02-22 Jan Dittberner <>
* Update translations
2018-05-12 Jan Dittberner <>
* add patch by Paul Wise to provide Repology information links
* Update translations
2018-02-09 Jan Dittberner <>
* add patch by Paul Wise to provide Salsa links
* Update translations
2015-11-12 Jan Dittberner <>
* port to Python 3 and Flask
2015-03-09 Jan Dittberner <>
* apply patch for DMD link by Paul Wise
2015-02-20 Jan Dittberner <>
* add Jessie requirements file
* fix language check if no Accept-Language header is sent
2014-10-14 Jan Dittberner <>
* add patch by Paul Wise to use to update DUCK link to new static page
* add patch by Paul Wise to remove generated files from version
* add patch by Paul Wise to use https in links, comments, docstrings,
2014-04-10 Jan Dittberner <>
* add patch by Paul Wise to use SSL where available
* add patch by Paul Wise to fix link to the contributors site
2014-02-09 Jan Dittberner <>
* renamed module from ddportfolio to debianmemberportfolio
* add patch for DUCK URL by Paul Wise
2014-02-08 Jan Dittberner <>
* moved to new server
* ported to Wheezy versions of the dependencies
* applied patches by Paul Wise and Olivier Berger
* update Sphinx documentation
* check responses in controller unit tests
* update copyright years of files
2013-02-24 Jan Dittberner <>
* add sphinx documentation
* applied multiple patches by Paul Wise
2012-12-08 Jan Dittberner <>
* include patch for Debian URL checker by Paul Wise
* add link to Transifex translation project
2012-11-21 Jan Dittberner <>
* add pip requirements file with Debian Squeeze versions
* add indonesian translation by Izharul Haq
2012-06-19 Jan Dittberner <>
* add portuguese (Brasil) translation by Daniel Manzano
2012-05-18 Jan Dittberner <>
* add french translation by Stéphane Aulery
2012-03-04 Jan Dittberner <>
* update debtags location
2012-01-07 Jan Dittberner <>
* rename Debian Developer to Debian Member, change URL to
* PEP-8 compliance
2011-03-06 Jan Dittberner <>
* add one year bug history graph URL (
2010-06-03 Jan Dittberner <>
* add support for extra parameters forumsid and wikihomepage
* add new patterns wiki and forum to section membership
* update copyright information
* add support for non-URL type information
* add ssh commands for MIA, owned and group membership