old gnuviechadmin version that is not developed anymore
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gnuviechadmin aims to be a server administration tool originally
developed for managing gnuviech.info.

gnuviechadmin is targeted for Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r2 (woody) but may
be ported to later Debian GNU/Linux releases in the future.

application design thoughts

I think a 2-layered architecture will be best.

One layer (which needs to be run as root) does all the background work
(like creating users, zone files ...). This layer will be implemented
in python and will invoke several Debian system utilities.

The second layer will in the first place be a PHP based Web frontend
where the administrator can manage the servers most common
tasks. Later there will be support for client and reseller frontends
for tasks that the administrator allows them.

The second layer may also be a GUI application if the need arrises.

Both layers will be coupled through a sql database. I will use
PostgreSQL, but as the need arrises I'll also try to support other