old gnuviechadmin version that is not developed anymore
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from sqlalchemy import MetaData, Table, Column, Integer, Unicode, ForeignKey
from migrate import migrate_engine
from migrate.changeset.schema import create_column
from gnuviechadmin.config import CONFIG
dbschema = None
if 'database.schema' in CONFIG:
dbschema = CONFIG['database.schema']
meta = MetaData(migrate_engine)
client = Table('client', meta, schema = dbschema, autoload = True)
organization = Table(
'organization', meta,
Column('organizationid', Integer, primary_key = True),
Column('name', Unicode(200), nullable = False, unique = True),
schema = dbschema,
useexisting = True)
def upgrade():
col = Column('organizationid', Integer,
nullable = True)
create_column(col, client)
def downgrade():