This repository containes Dockerfiles used for hosting applications on the servers.

Updated 5 months ago

Updated 2 years ago

Python 0 0

Gnuviech admin end user and administration web frontend

Updated 2 years ago

HashiCorp Packer build configuration for Babelbox (Debian Installer Demo) VMs.

Updated 2 years ago

Gnuviechadmin component to manage web servers. The software can manage nginx web servers and php-fpm installations on Debian hosts.

Updated 2 years ago

SaltStack 0 0

Saltstack state and pillar definitions for a development setup of gnuviechadmin nodes. This is used by the gvavagrant setup.

Updated 2 years ago

DAV admin Administration interface for Apache httpd WebDAV permission management.

Updated 4 years ago

Go based reimplementation of CAcert's signer and signer client components.

Updated 1 year ago

old gnuviechadmin web interface code that is not developed anymore

Updated 4 years ago

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Scrolling jQuery Gallery

Updated 4 years ago

MAC address extension for Sphinx

Updated 4 years ago

The Debian Member Portfolio Service

Updated 8 months ago

Local docker-compose based development Setup for CAcert software

Updated 10 months ago

Proof of Concept to generate certificate signing requests in a web browser using node-forge.

Updated 2 months ago